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In recent times, facial and neck tattoos have surged in popularity, serving as statements of style and art. However, a considerable number of individuals either regret their facial ink or seek information on removal options before committing to such a bold choice.

Can Facial Tattoos Be Removed?

Facial tattoos, once symbols of affiliation and culture, have evolved into expressions of personal style, often leading to regrets. Advances in laser technology, offer an efficient removal process, taking half the time compared to traditional methods. However, the ease of removal varies, with larger, darker tattoos posing greater challenges than their smaller, lighter counterparts. We specialise in removing tattoos from the face and therefore have lasers built specially for us. Facial tattoos require a more gentle laser because our main aim is to remove without a scar. We also have a protocol to deal with scars from tattoo removal.

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Given the delicate nature of facial skin, removal is a gradual process, with each treatment aimed at fading and lightening existing ink. The complexity increases for individuals with darker complexions, specific skin conditions, or medical complications, potentially resulting in an ‘ashy’ after effect. Thorough consultations with laser practitioners are crucial for risk assessment and determining the most suitable treatment path.

How Does Facial and Neck Tattoo Removal Work?

Laser tattoo removal dissolves and targets pigment on the skin’s surface. Administered through a handheld device emitting concentrated light, this process breaks down ink particles. The facial region, being less cushioned by fat, can make removal more painful. Numbing agents and cooling gels are often applied during sessions to ensure a relatively pain-free experience. Caution is paramount when treating the face and neck, given the proximity of arteries, making it a complex and delicate area for both tattoo artists and laser specialists. Lorena has 15+ years experience working on the face with 90% of her work being facial tattoos.

Risks Involved in Facial Tattoo Removal:

When performed by a professional clinician, the risks associated with facial tattoo removal are minimal, given the rigorous testing of laser treatments for safety. However, micro-pigmentation removal poses a potential risk, involving the use of unconventional inks containing titanium oxide. These inks may react differently under the laser, leaving small ink fragments that may require specialised treatment. Lorena has pioneered many of the techniques now considered best practice by the medical industry and she teaches internationally.

Cost and Duration of Facial Tattoo Removal:

For complete removal, a recommended 6-8 treatments are suggested, with prices ranging from £150 to £350 per session, depending on the tattoo type.

Face Tattoo Removal Questions Answered:

How many treatments will it take? In the case of Permanent Makeup, it generally takes 3 to 5 treatments. However, complicated case can take much more. Facial tattoos will take between 6 and 10 treatments/

How far apart are the treatments? We like 6 to 8 weeks in between treatments. This allows for your skin to heal properly. The trick is to get this out without a scar so patience is everything.

How long do the treatments last? Facial tattoo Removal is very fast, depending on the size of the tattoo, anywhere from 1 minutes to 10 minutes.

What is aftercare like? Facial Tattoo Removal is a controlled burn and we will treat it as such. Keeping the area clean and applying the aftercare is your responsibility to the treatment. Regardless, one must exercise great care when dealing with facial tattoos, even if infections are rare. You can find more detailed information as to the tattoo healing process HERE.

Navigating the Journey to a Tattoo-Free Face

In conclusion, facial tattoos, including cosmetic ones like eyebrow tattoo removal, can indeed be removed through laser tattoo removal. With careful consideration, professional guidance, and a realistic understanding of the removal journey, individuals can embark on the path to achieving complete removal of unwanted face and neck tattoos.

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