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After Care Post Laser Permanent Makeup Removal

I’m very fortunate that so much of my correction work comes as a result of my colleges believing in my work and referring their clients to me for removal.   My dear friend Selen Shenalp sent me some very good questions so I though that I would make a post to answer rather than do it privately

– how many sessions an eyebrow procedure would normally require.

This is impossible to say and very much depends on the amount of ink and the iron oxides in the brow.  The general rule of thumb is that the older the brows the less laser procedures it will take.  New brows have a large concentration of ink and therefore will be more difficult to remove, possibly needing 6 to 10 treatments.
Older brows, say…3 years or older….are very easy to remove.  I can usually get those out in 1 to 3 procedures.
We must also consider that if the brow has Iron Oxides, which is the case with most pink and orange brows, the first procedure will oxidase the ink turning it into a darker colour.  We can then begin to remove the ink in the second procedure.

-which colours get eliminated in the process and in which order .

It doesn’t quite work that way with the laser.  It will read the colour as a whole and in most cases, fade it true to colour.  In some cases, it may turn the ink a different colour and then we deal with it as such.

-what are the biological changes of the skin tissue after the removal.

That will depend on the amount of scaring if any.  In some cases, if the person was tattooed aggressively we may in fact have scars from the actual tattoo.   If the technician is trained properly,  scaring will be absolutely minimal if at all.  But a biological change in the skin as such NO, there wont be any.

– should the skin be treated as a scar tissue after removals.

Only if it scared.
– would the removals affect the retention of the colour applied afterwards

I have never personally experienced this.  But I like to give it 6 to 8 weeks after the last laser treatment to tattoo.

-would the removals affect the perception of colour afterwards.

No, not at all.  If the removal is done correctly, you will have a blank canvas to work on

– what are the recommended time intervals between removals.

A minimum of 6 to 8 weeks but the longer the better.

– what is the recommended waiting time after the last removal session , before applying semi permanent makeup.

Also 6 to 8 weeks and again, the longer the better.
I hope this answers some questions that will be common to anyone that sends me clients for removal.
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