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What You Can Do To Help Sagging Skin Due To Weight Loss

Many of us are looking at solutions for sagging skin due to weight loss or after pregnancy. Like you, I’m doing everything humanly possible to avoid a tummy tuck. As a skin specialist you would think I have all the answers…but our bodies sometimes have different ideas. In this blog I will list everything that I’m doing to avoid going under the knife. Some of these are professinal services that need to be done in clinic but most are not.

The ideal time to start implementing these tips is NOW, specially if like me, you’re over 50.

  • 1 – I follow a Ketonic lifestyle.

Sugar and carbs are collagen thieves and we need collagen and elastin to get our skin to bounce back. Also, and this is the main reason I began to eat Keto, we need muscle to fill in some of that skin and ketonic eating builds muscle (you need to excersise too). Another great advantage of eating this way is that fat comes away from your tummy area, which has always been a problem for me.

  • 2 – I take suppliment, lots of them! I’ll go over what I take and why.

Bovine Collagen has made a huge difference to my skin and to my celulite. Another very important quality is that it helps with bone mass and connective tissues. When we are of an ehem…certain age….bone mass is very important. This is the one I take. I put it in my morning coffee and you can’t even taste it.

Multivitamin – I found Life Extension after about a year of taking so many different pills in the morning that it was nearly a whole meal. You need to take 2 a day. It has most of the essential vitamins that we need in high enough doses that there are very few other suppliments you need to top up with. The most important being Vitamin D which regular multivitamins rarely give you enough of.

Niacin – This is vital for good skin health as well as hair and nails. The above suppliment contains Niacin but I prefer to also inject it once a month as an additional safeguard to make sure my body is absorbing it. This is not extrictly necessary and a bit of a luxury if I’m honest. We provide Niacin injections in clinic for £50.

French Pine Bark – I’m obsessed with this supplement. It helps with circulation and as we all know, healthy circulation is the skin’s best friend.

Vitamin B12 – This helps with overall health and energy. When it comes to skin, it helps with re blood cells which feed our entire body including our skin. The above suppliment has this but this is another that I like to have as a monthly injection. We offer this in clinics for £50.

  • 3 – 10 minutes 3 to 4 times a week on the vibration plate. This again has to do with circulation. Nothing gets the lymphatic system going like a vibration plate. You can feel your skin itching after a session because of how blood flow is pumped to your skin. It’s all about blood flow. Also, excersises on this little gadget have the power to build muscle FAST. Specially if you’re following a Keto diet and getting your suppliments in. It helps increase metabolism and does wonders for celulite. You don’t need to get a really expensive one. One like this is plenty.
  • 4 – Dermal Rollers – This one hurts but doing this once a week followed by a good quality cream really gives your skin a boost. I use mine in the shower once a week. It’s not pleasant but nothing gives your skin a boost like microneedling. We do this in clinic for £250 per session but the truth is that you don’t need a professinal treatment, you can do this at home. I do! Be sensible with it, you want to feel it puncturing the skin but you don’t want to get to the point where your skin is raw. This is the one I use.

After the Dermal Roller your skin is open so it’s the perfect time to apply a good quality nourishing cream. This can even be Coconut Oil! I like this one because an entire KILO for under £20 and it has everthing in it you need. I like to lather it on post dermal roller (wait a couple of hours as it could sting) and every morning and night after dry brushing.

  • 5 – Dry Brushing. I do this every morning before my shower, and every night before I go to sleep then lather the above cream, get in my comfy jammies and off to the world of dreams. There are videos on YouTube on how you’re meant to do this, I just rub my skin or rather my saggy bits any old way. You can really feel your skin reacting to it. Any dry brush will do. This sort.
  • 6 – Waist trainers – I really like wearing them, they hold everything in and they do make a difference when you’re trying to get your skin to pop back into place. There are some really expensive ones out there but I bought some of these and I wear them daily. I’m a size 12 UK which is a size 8 American and I got a Medium. The only problem is that a lot of their sizes sell out so if they have your size buy a couple.
  • 7 – Home Cavitation RF Machines – These little gadgets do work, they stimulate the collagen and ellasting in our skin. I use my professinal machine at work but the little ones work too!
  • 8 – Aqualyx Fat Dissolving Injections – Professinal In Clinic Treatment – This is one of my favourite treatments. I was really skeptical to even train is this and then one of my friends did it on my bingo wings. Well! What do you know! Not only does it dissolve the localised fat but also, TIGHTENS THE SKIN!!!! I could not believe it! Until then I had been using PDO threads to tighten the skin but wow! This works so much better! I have done it on my tummy as well but it is for localised areas and the arms is where I’ve had the best results, mainly because i have SO MUCH on my tummy! I also use this for double chins and jowls. Works fantastically well. You can see the link to this here. https://lorenaoberg.co.uk/aqualyx-fat-dissolving-injections/

I know that you’re thinking I’m over the top doing all of this but the truth is that I will do anything to try to avoid such an invasive operation and it has been working. I leave you with a picture of me 7 years ago when I was so ill with an undiagnosed under active thyroid and picture taken 2 days ago. I am so much healthier, I remember I could hardly get out of bed back then. Doctors have a lot to answer for.

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