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DiamaDerm Permanent Makeup Needle Cartriges

Price:  £30 to £50 for box of ten needles inc VAT.

Our DiamaDerm Permanent Makeup Needles & Cartridges only fit our DiamaDerm Permanent Makeup machine.  They offer a good alternative to other cartridge machines in the market.  Our needles fit the Biomaser machine but Biomaser needles do not fit us.  If you have a Biomaser machine and are looking for an alternative source of needles, we can deliver overnight in the UK.  If your handle does not fit our needles, you can purchase a handle at a discounted rate when purchasing £150 of needles.

Please don’t let the price fool you.  These are high quality needles, with many needle configurations.  Enough to allow you versatility in hair strokes and scalp micropigmentation.  Most importantly, these needles are safe.  They’re CO2 sterilised and are 100% sealed to offer you and your clients back flow protection.

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Permanent Makeup Needles

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