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Hyperpigmentation Removal Treatment

.Hyperpigmentation Removal Treatment

Hyperpigmentation treatment remains a challenge.  There are many factors outside of our control that we need to consider when treating it.  The main of these being age, sun exposure and hormonal changes,

In order to see results for hyperpigmentation we need to have full cooperation from the client as after care is key in success.

Our Hyperpigmentation Treatment


Our  treatment is customised to each client.  We will use different techniques according to what we see.  Ranging from laser, alkaline washes to vitamin injections.  All these break up the pigmentation naturally and effectively.

The method we will use will have to do with the sort of pigmentation you have, the causes and your lifestyle.  Shifting the pigmentation is fairly easy.  A far bigger challenge comes from keeping it from returning.  For many, clear skin will require regular maintenance with both professional treatments and at home.


What it means for you


Treatment has as much to do with what we do in clinic as how you behave once you leave us.  Any pigmentation treatment will require us to stabilise the melanocytes in your skin in order for it to be successful long term.

Lifestyle plays a large role in pigmentation with sun exposure being the biggest culprit.  Please know that if you’re prone to hyperpigmentation and you like sun bathing, there is nothing that we will be able to do for you long term.   Anyone having hyperpigmentation treatment will be required to stay out of the sun.   Sun exposure stimulates the melanocytes in your skin.  There is simply no compromise on this.

At home care will also be crucial.  You will need to use melanocyte stabilising creams daily for six months in order to see results.   You can also try this at home remedies which give our clients great results. 

Hyperpigmentation removal treatments are entirely holistic in nature and require a deep commitment on behalf of the client.