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How Does Bad Permanent Makeup Make You Feel

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This post is aimed at professionals of the SPMU industry to educate them on the feelings and thought process that clients go through when they’re not happy with their Permanent makeup.  From the point of view of a removal expert.

Bad Semi Permanent Makeup, in the eyes of a client, is anything that they don’t like.  I have seen perfect brows, and devastated clients.  In my opinion, this is the most difficult aspect of being a Semi Permanent Makeup Technician.  The fact that your work can be flawless, and if your client doesn’t like it they will feel disfigured.

Yes, strong word…in their eyes, your client will be DISFIGURED.

Half of the people I see for removal, don’t have a lot wrong with their brows.  The thing I hear the most is….It just wasn’t what I wanted/asked for.    The other half…well…there are no words….this half has been disfigured by an untrained technician.

Let’s talk about the latter.  It’s important to analyse the feeling of the client because it’s very easy for us professionals to pass judgement.  We have all had the client that went to have it done cheaper and then returns in tears.  I know, they should have paid what you’re worth…but they haven’t and now, their world has fallen apart.

In the past few years, semi permanent makeup has been trivialised.  It seems that every nail salon in every town has someone doing it.  People trained overseas have set up shop and are tattooing their little hearts out aided by daily deal websites.  The thing to consider is that the general public has very little idea of just how skilled SPMU is.  When people come for removal I beg them to understand, SPMU is the most difficult thing I have ever done!  Yes! Me, the laser queen, has given up doing SPMU because I simply could not get the standard I wanted (my clients were always happy but this is about me).  On my death bed, I will regret not being able to truly master this skill!  So let’s think about this…how is the lay person on the street meant to know that SPMU is close to brain surgery in difficulty and skill! (slight exaggeration but you get the gist.)

The fact is that most people are on a budget, they call, ask the price and go on to the next tech.  Most will choose their tech based on price.  No, it’s not right but it’s the way it is.  We do it all the time, perhaps we picked our accountant or cleaner based on price…this is human nature, it’s what people do.  So when you get someone through your door that requires a correction or removal, leave your prejudices outside because that person needs your help!

The past few months I have been in consultation with several mental health experts in order to better support our clients.  What we have come to realise will surprise you.   The feelings that come with bad semi permanent makeup are very similar to being disfigured and violated.  Yes, the feelings are very similar to being raped.  The fact that someone has done something to their body that they did not wish….they have been violated in their eyes and the devastation they feel runs deep.

This is what I have to deal with all day every day because I have chosen to specialise in removal.  Still, there is not a single technician that has not had it in their clinic.  A client crying because of the brows they have had tattooed are not what they wanted.   Please, I don’t care if the client had a daily deal offer and you are secretly thinking, “well, what did you expect?”, kicking people when they’re down is not what we do! That human being needs a shoulder to cry on and advise on the way forward.

Often, they will not be able to afford removal.  You can always point them in my direction as I need brow models for my training days.  There’s a long waiting list but they will get the work done very reasonably.

What I’m trying to convey in this post is EMPATHY.  I have had ladies tell me many times that they went to someone before me who was not very understanding.  What ever the reason, these people are vulnerable and need help and hope.  A kind word does not go a miss.

If you’re still reading, I wish to thank you.  I hope that you will view the next person that comes to you with a correction problem with kindness and empathy.  Thank you.






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