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I WON! – Mumpreneur 2014 Courage Award

Lorena am thrilled to announce that I won the Mumpreneur Courage Award.  This award is presented to Mums that have had an exceptional journey on their way to business success.

The reason this award means the world to me is because I believe to much in women empowering women.  I have seen Mums move mountains for their children.  I always say, “if you want the job done properly, hire a Mum!”.

Working Mums could easily take on the world.  Let face it, most of us do more before we even get to work than most do all day.  We do it all, and we do it in between school runs and cooking meals.  When people tell me what an inspiration I am I tend to say “thank you” and then think “only 99% of working mums do what I do and many a lot better”.

The day was just magical.  I guess I was lucky that my friend Anna Kennedy was one of the speakers.  Anna has been the subject of previous posts as she campaign tirelessly for autism awareness.

I was very impressed with Caprice, who was a speaker and also presented and award.  What a WARM lady she is, not to mention a powerhouse of a business woman!  I spoke to her about the need to bring mastectomy bras into mainstream shops so watch this space!

There was also peaker from AngelsDen and he made some very good points.  One being that women entrepreneurs ROCK..but we knew that.  Another point is that Crowed Lending for small businesses doesn’t really work because as we grow, what we need is mentoring!  This was a wonderful confirmation for me as I had spent the two days prior at the Mello Investment Conference looking for investment but more importantly I was looking for mentoring.  The Mello conference is a whole blog post on it’s own but suffice to say that I came home with my Dragon!

I am just so excited for the future of our company.  No one would be shocked that we are primarily a company made up of MUMS!

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